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Space options


We have 6 basic unit sizes to choose from. Need something bigger or smaller? No problem. We can join or divide units to create the size you need. Our standard units have;

  • Pedestrian and/or roller-shutter door access
  • Windows for natural lighting
  • Roof insulation to moderate the temperature in your unit
  • Double volume space to allow you to expand upwards with shelving or a mezzanine

Our standard units are bigger, better and lighter than most others so working, playing or storing in them is easy. But you may want to add extras...

Personalise your space

Indulge in a bit of self-expression. Choose any combination of these and we will add them to your unit;

  • Electrical reticulation to provide lighting and run equipment
  • Air-conditioning for climate control
  • Aluminium and glass shopfront for more light and ventilation
  • Painted, carpeted or tiled flooring
  • Painted walls
  • Shelving for storage
  • Mezzanine floor for additional space

Need more? You are welcome to add your own stuff as well. Just check with us first.

Park here

Need parking all of the time? Some of the time? None of the time? Parking for a standard vehicle? Parking for an oversized vehicle such as a boat, caravan, motorhome, delivery truck or other? We have various solutions to suit your needs and budget;

  • All of the time? Rent a Long-Stay shaded parking bay which are available for standard as well as oversized vehicles and operate on an exclusive use basis.
  • Some of the time? Rent a Short-Stay open parking bay which are available for standard vehicles only and operate on a shared use basis.
  • None of the time? Use a demarcated loading bay whilst you are loading stuff into or out of your unit.

Zone out

Oil and water don’t mix. Nor will a quiet office and a busy workshop. We have created zones for different types of activities to serve as a guideline as to what your neighbours are allowed to get up to;

  • Offices/Studios/Quiet.
  • Leisure/Hobbies/Fun.
  • Commercial/Workshops/Active.
  • Storage/Distribution/Not-so-quiet.

You can download our site plan that shows the different zones. So if you want to do band practice in your unit, guess where you are going!

Find out more. Find out more.

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