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How can I personalise my space?

Well, that is up to you. You can put in it whatever you want and need to make it comfortable. We offer a range of finishes you can choose from. Electricity, air-conditioning, flooring, mezzanine, ceilings. The more you choose, the more you pay, but then you do get your ideal space. You can also add your own stuff should you choose.

Is this an office, workshop or storage space?

It’s all of them. It’s whatever you need it to be. If you need office space for your start-up business, that’s what we will make it. If you need a storage unit to store your stuff, either from home or for work, we will make that happen too. And if you need a workshop, perhaps you’re a painter, or you make things, then that’s what it is. Our units are flexible spaces and meant to be used for whatever you do.

How secure will my stuff be?

Your things are important to you. Which means, they’re important to us too. That’s why we provide state of the art security with 24/7 controlled access, CCTV surveillance, guarding and patrolling security teams, all to ensure that you, and your possessions, are well looked after.

How do I book a unit?

Well, how quickly can you click a button? Our Midrand facility is up and running and we can have the first available unit ready for you as soon as you book online.

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