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Stay awhile

Whatever you like to do, be it camping, climbing, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, motorcycling, 4x4ing, boating or anything else that makes life fun you’ll find the right storage space to keep, organise and engage with your stuff here.

At Storehouse, we’re all about giving you the space to do your thing. With 350 units of various sizes, 180 parking bays and a social hub, we are bound to have a space with your name on it. Your space to store, to access fun and to stay awhile.

Personalise your storage for freedom

When it comes to space, size does matter. And getting the right size for your storage needs is important. Whether your needs are big or small, we’ve got the solution. Our units are sized to be longer and wider where you need them to be. Plus, they are double volume, so when you need more space there’s plenty of room above for additional shelving or even a mezzanine. All our units have windows for natural light and ventilation, ceiling insulation to keep you cool and pedestrian, as well as roller shutter, doors to give you easy access.

From the moment you hire a Storehouse unit, it becomes your space - an extension of your life. We don’t simply offer units for self-storage, we offer space for self-expression. Which is why we allow you to pimp your storage space to suit your lifestyle pursuits, from basic storage space, to garage, to workshop, to hobby studio, to full blown mancave and anything in between. Need extras? Add electricity, air-conditioning, shopfronts, shelves, floor and wall finishes, ceilings, a mezzanine or whatever else you need. Your space, your design, your rules.

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Meet, share and enjoy

Storehouse isn’t just a place to store what you love, it’s a place to share what you love. A place for like-minded enthusiasts to gather, to prepare for the next big event, to start the next big adventure or simply enjoy each other’s company in an engaging and upmarket environment.

Need a break from engaging with your stuff? At our Hub, we have cappuccinos on tap, served at our friendly coffee shop where you can recharge your batteries while using our free WiFi. Or if you simply want to enjoy a little downtime, our comfortable lounge areas are just the place to kickback. You can even order a quick bite of something delicious.

Our Hub also offers meeting rooms, hot-desking areas, dedicated club meeting and event areas, toilets, showers, business services and more. So you can combine work and fun, if you need to! And our on-site management and support staff will always be on standby to make sure your experience is pleasurable from start to finish.

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The big extras

Let’s be honest, if you just needed storage space you could simply squash more in at home. Or you could rent a common or garden storage unit, if you can find one? But why compromise? We always say that it’s the little extras that make a place special. In our case, it’s the big extras. We provide an environment that offers 24/7 security with controlled access, CCTV surveillance, guarding and patrolling security teams, all to ensure that you and your stuff are well looked after. We offer convenient parking facilities, high pressure wash bays for your big toys, outdoor communal pause areas where you can relax and mingle and conveniently located bathrooms throughout the complex.

At Storehouse we understand that you need access to your stuff when you want it. And that doesn’t always fall between the hours of 9 and 5. Which is why we give you access at any time. That’s right, 24/7 access to your space and all the amenities you need to keep you coming back for more.

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Start engaging now

At Storehouse, we’re all about convenience and ease of use. We don’t believe in tying you into an agreement any longer than you need. Our leases are flexible and run on a month-to-month basis with a 30 day notice period.

To get going you will need to sign our Lease Agreement, pay a month’s deposit as well as your first months’ rental and of course agree to abide by the Storehouse Conduct Rules which are amended from time to time to ensure Storehouse remains the upmarket environment you need it to be. Don’t procrastinate, secure your ideal storage space today.

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